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  • Perfect Sweet™ Sugar Free Recipes

    Perfect Sweet™ Sugar Free Recipes

    Orange and Lemon Cordial, cool, refreshing and Sugar Free! What a lovely way to quench your thirst this summer! Your friends and family will love it! 100% sweetened with all natural Perfect Sweet xylitol. Honestly Sugar Free!



  • Weight Loss

    Most of us want to lose weight and get healthier at some point in our lives. SweetLife products make it much easier for you to whittle down your waistline because we only sweeten with xylitol.  Our natural sweetener Perfect Sweet xylitol has approximately 75% less carbohydrates and 40% less calories than sugar.

  • Healthy Living

    Perfect Sweet xylitol is a perfect sugar free alternative for anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and feel good every day. It is one of the best presents Mother Nature can give our bodies and can be used in place of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

  • Diabetes 

    Perfect Sweet xylitol has a negligible effect on blood sugar levels.  It can help stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. The natural sweetener is metabolized without insulin, thereby creating a lower glycaemic effect. In fact it has a glycaemic index of just 7. Now compare that to sugar, which has a glycaemic index of 65.

  • Gluten Intolerant

    Don’t worry if you follow a gluten-free diet and still want to enjoy cakes, desserts, chewing gum and sweets. Just because you have a sensitivity to gluten doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

Customer Stories

" My first attempt at baking from your book, it is very tasty (and healthy) indeed!"

 - Thanks Jodie

"I have made the choc fudge and I am enjoying it, knowing it is not full of sugar " - thanks  Ann

"Thank you very much I love your product!"

 - Paul

Sugar free products don’t need to be boring, bland or tasteless – with SweetLife’s products, you too can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and all the treats and desserts you love!

Perfect Sweet® xylitol is SweetLife’s 100% natural, sugar free and gluten free sweetener.  It can help manage your blood sugar levles, great for those on weight loss programmes, perfect for cooking and baking and may even reduce the risk of tooth decay! 

Xylitol is found naturally in many fibrous vegetables and fruits, as well as corn cobs and various hardwood trees such as birch.  Our bodies produce up to 15g of xylitol daily.  Unlike other natural sugar free sweeteners and artificial sweeteners, Perfect Sweet® has no bitter aftertaste. It also looks and tastes just like sugar!  Xylitol has been researched for over 40 years, resulting in thousands of studies confirming its effectiveness and safety.

SweetLife Australia also has sugar free PUR Chewing Gum and PUR Mints, naturally sweetened with tooth friendly xylitol.  They can help control plaque and cavities, anywhere and at anytime!  The Journal of the American Dental Association states, " xylitol is an effective agent against dental caries".

Check out our sugar free alternative, cake mixes, chewing gum and mints for an improvement in overall health and well-being.

Take a look through our recipes and articles for inspiration on delicious cooking and lifestyle help to live a sugar free lifestyle.