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Perfect Sweet Classic Bake Mix - no added refined sugar or hidden sugars!

Sugar is often the first item listed on the ingredients list of other gluten free bake mixes and bakery items, making it the most used ingredient in the product.

In our Perfect Sweet® Bake Mix, you won’t find any refined sugar or hidden sugars like rice malt syrup, honey or agave .

They are sweetened naturally with sugar free Perfect Sweet xylitol and they are also gluten free and flour free.

Made with all natural ingredients our bake mixes are low carb and low GI, making it a healthy choice for you, your family and friends.

Our Perfect Sweet® Bake Mix is currently available in Classic.  



Perfect Sweet™ Classic Bake Mix

Gluten Free · Sugar Free · Grain Free

Perfect Sweet® Classic Bake Mix makes deliciously healthy lamingtons, cupcakes and cookies. Most of all, its a 98% sugar free cake mix, free of any refined sugar, hiiden sugar, gluten, flour or starch. 

Each Perfect Sweet® Classic Bake Mix is made in Australia from the highest quality and natural ingredients, including almond meal, whey protein and psyllium. In place of sugar we use 100% Perfect Sweet® Xylitol, a natural sugar free sweetener that has minimal effect on blood sugar levels. This bake mix does however, contain 2% natural sugar content, which is found in the pure almond meal. Our recipes are low in carbs and rich in protein and fibre, making them perfect for anyone on a weight loss program or the health conscious who just want to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet. 

  • 98% Sugar Free
  • Low Carb and Low GI
  • Gluten Free
  • Flour and Grain Free
  • Protein rich
  • All natural ingredients

For quick and easy, delicious sugar free and gluten free cake mixes, browse our Perfect Sweet® Bake Mix products today.

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