Sugar Free Baking cookbook, by Carolyn Hartz

Ditch the Sugar, Not the Cake!


  • NO refined sugars

  • NO hidden sugars

  • Gluten Free and Flour Free

We all know that we should decrease our sugar intake but the assumption is that if you give up sugar, you are giving up dessert and treats but this is not the case!  

My book is dedicated to anyone and everyone who thought giving up sugar meant missing out on the sweet treats in life.

In my 'Sugar Free Baking' cookbook all the recipes are HONESTLY Sugar Free and have absolutely no hidden sugars such as honey, agave, coconut sugar, fruit concentrate or rice malt syrup.

Every recipe is sweetened with natural, sugar free Perfect SweetTM xylitol.  

This book is filled with 60 beautiful images & delicious recipes that we have lovingly baked and tasted....more than once!  Enjoy your healthy lifestyle, and don't miss out on the sweet treats in life.

You can truly have your cake and eat it too! 

- Carolyn Hartz




Official Book Launch

Watch Carolyn's "Sugar Free Baking" cookbook launch with the Hon Julie Bishop MP at The Grand Hyatt in Melbourne, October 2016:


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