The Benefits of Marine Collagen Protein Powder


I cleanse and nourish my skin every day but since I have been adding Sweetlife Wild Marine Collagen Protein Powder to my diet I have noticed the skin on my face is much smoother, firmer, more hydrated and the fine lines around my eyes and mouth are less visible. Even the skin on my body and legs has noticeably improved.

Collagen is present in our skin, joints, bones, muscle and connective tissue but as we get older our bodies' ability to naturally produce collagen declines and so it makes great sense to add to our daily diet.

Not all collagen powder is "created equal" but ours is extracted from the skin and scales of wild caught fish (not farmed) in clean Japanese waters. It is all natural, has no additives, no preservatives, no sugar, no carbs, no fat and a whopping 91% protein. 

Protein is made up of 21 amino acids – 12 non essential amino acids that are produced by the body and nine essential amino acids that the body cannot make and must be sourced from the food you eat.  My Marine Collagen Protein Powder is a great food source for my body and so easy to add to my diet. 

It is 91% protein and is water soluble, so if I am rushing and forget to put it in my smoothie or sprinkle it over my breakfast I add it to a glass of water and "drink the benefits." If you need a little sweetness, then add a teaspoon of Perfect Sweet xylitol.  Such a wonderful "breakfast booster". Of course you can also add to soups, casseroles, muffins, cakes and many of your favourite recipes. 

My sweetlife Marine Collagen Powder is truly  a "win-win ingredient from the inside out "  So much improvement in my skin, hair, nails and most importantly, my digestive tract which we now know is linked to our immune system. 

I wish it had been available when I was 30 when our collagen production begins to decline but I am still noticing the amazing benefits at 72 so it's better late than never!!! The glass is always half full!!!! 



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