Almond Meal

We use almond meal in many of our recipes, it is a delicious and nutritious alternative to flour and is a gluten free option!  So lets take a look at what almond meal actually is and what is does for us.  

ALMOND MEAL   -    is made from ground raw almonds.  It can be made with blanched almonds (no skin) or with whole almonds. It is a plant protein that has become very popular and more important in baking items for those on low carbohydrate and gluten free diets. It adds moisture and a rich nutty taste to baked goods. 

ALMONDS ARE RICH IN     -      B vitamins, manganese and copper and they all play a role in energy production.  They also contain high levels of magnesium which helps balance the nervous system, supports muscle relaxation and contributes to a healthy heart.

VITAMIN E AND FAT     -     content of almonds helps achieve healthy glowing skin, Almonds contain fiber which helps aid in digestion. 

You will get all of these amazing health benefits.....and a delicious treat to eat, when you use almond meal in your cooking instead of flour.


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