Are you doing too much?

Recently, SweetLife’s own Carolyn discovered that as adults we feel we need to do everything to prove we are successful.  She observed that a lot of people were a product of the ‘perfection’ desire – often bringing up young children and working plus managing postgraduate study or juggling a range of projects, people are struggling to stay afloat emotionally and physically.

Finally she realised – sometimes you just have to admit to being human and take a moment or two to smell the roses and enjoy life.

For women, this is often even more difficult.  The focus out there is on being the ‘perfect woman’ and if that includes being a mum and working or owning a business – the pressure can become incredible. 

Often we need to look at children for inspiration on how we are living our lives.  Watch a child at the park or playground and follow their tips:

Have fun – yes that’s right, even adults can enjoy life.  Sometimes we are too busy being ‘hip’ or ‘professional’, find an empty park, sit on the swing and go as high as you can!

Laugh – when was the last time you had a good belly laugh? There’s actually groups out there that are purely for people to sit around laughing!

Don’t be afraid – children learn from their mistakes, imagine if they didn’t try and climb a tree or jump off the swings.  That is how we grow as adults, and yet so many of us are too afraid to take risks!

Admit defeat. - that moment when a toddler turns to their mum for assistance or a 6 year old asks for help reading.  They have admitted defeat, and will get the advice and assistance they need.  This should be the same for adults.

Hug those you care about – children will go up and hug their family and friends when they need a hug.  But as adults we stay away from too much touching, and yet as humans we crave touch.  So give you family and friends a hug – they probably need it as much as you.

By taking one of these tips and making it your own ‘life mantra’ this will hopefully allow you to enjoy each day as it comes and remind yourself that not everything is about perfection – sometimes we need to be happy humans.

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