Eat Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

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As we enter the month of May, we begin to see different fruit and vegetables appearing in our gardens and local markets.

As the sun’s energy wanes, the body responds by increasing its digestive fire. Having a stronger digestion in the winter allows us to consume the more dense foods such as root vegetables, meats, grains, nuts and seeds.

One would think that during the winter the whole body would become colder, but in fact, the digestive fire responds by becoming stronger.

Eat local. Eat what’s in season!  Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables in season to enjoy for the month of May.


Apples   -   Bananas   -   Custard Apples   -   Kiwifruit   -   Lemons   -   Nashi   -   Pears   -   Pomegranates   -   Persimmons

-   Quinces   -   Rambutan


Beetroot   -   Broccoli   -   Brussels sprouts   -   Cabbages   -   Capsicums   -   Chinese greens   -   Fennel   -   Leeks   -   Mushrooms

-   Okra   -   Parsnips   -   Potatoes   -   Pumpkin   -   Silver beet   -   Spinach

Source — May 2010

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