Five Surprising Facts About Xylitol

Five Surprising Facts About Xylitol

With growing waistlines and increasing obesity rates across Australia and worldwide, it’s no secret that we need to stop the sugar addiction. Research has shown that eating too much processed sugar and hidden sugars can cause health issues ranging from tooth decay to diabetes and even heart problems.

Enter xylitol, a naturally sweet sugar free sweetener that tastes great and boasts amazing health benefits. It’s naturally-derived, diabetic-friendly, and tastes like sugar without the negative side effects. Here are five amazing facts that prove why xylitol is more than just another sugar substitute.

1. Xylitol is plant based
Xylitol is a sugar free sweetner that is plant based and is derived from the birch tree or from corn cob fibre. The sugar is extracted from the wood or fibre and is often called a “wood sugar”.

2. Europeans Used Xylitol During World War II
This amazing little sugar substitute has been used for decades across Europe! Xylitol was first discovered in the late 1800s by French and German scientists, and was later used during World War II as there was a sugar shortage. It finally made its way to Australia in 2002, when SweetLife Australia became the first company to sell xylitol in the country.

3. Your Body Creates Xylitol
Humans produce small amounts of xylitol as part of our natural metabolic process. This is why our bodies easily recognise and digest xylitol, and why it doesn’t affect our bodies the way processed sugars or sugar substitutes do. Xylitol is also naturally occurring in certain fruits and vegetables.

4. Xylitol Tastes Like Sugar
Other chemically processed sugar alternatives can have a bitter aftertaste that alters the flavour of foods. This is not true of xylitol! It looks and tastes just like sugar and can be used in 1:1 substitute in tea and coffee, baking or cooking. Your favourite desserts will taste just as delicious as they always have, and they’ll be better for you!

5. Xylitol has Amazing Health Benefits
Researchers in Europe have found that xylitol improves dental health, and in Finland scientists have used xylitol to prevent earaches and infections in children. Some research also indicates xylitol boosts gut health by feeding good bacteria and starving bad bacteria.

With xylitol, you can have your sweets (in moderation, of course!) without the guilt or ill effects that come
with processed sugar and hidden sugars. Visit our recipes section to learn how to use xylitol in baking, or
purchase a packet of Perfect Sweet today and start your journey to better health!

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