Getting the balance back at Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time when family comes together (sometimes from all corners of the world), and delicious food is enjoyed with those you love.

There are little ways to ensure that the inevitable overindulging doesn’t result in guilt.  It’s important to enjoy the food and time, but there are also little tips to find some balance!

Here are some of Carolyn’s tips:

  • Get your digestion off to a roaring start by having a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice first thing in the morning,  lemon provides natural alkalinity to balance stomach acids. 
  • We have hands down the easiest sugar free Raw Chocolate Avocado Pudding recipe ever, the perfect way to stretch a meal when unexpected guests arrive! 
  • Dress up our delicious sugar free cordial for a fun Christmas drink for the kids, add some mint, a slice of fruit and an umbrella.  They will love it and all without the sugar spike!
  • Our sugar free Mini Trifles are another great standby that you can have ready in a flash.  We nearly always have this trifle on Boxing Day because it’s such an easy one to throw together, and still feels a bit fancy.  Make the Orange Tea Cake a few days before and keep it in the fridge or it can even be frozen.
  • After lunch why not take a leisurely 30 minute walk with loved ones, a chance to enjoy a chat and get some exercise.
  • At the end of your festive and frantic day, take 5 minutes for yourself and meditate.  Deep breathing is a great way to find a little balance.
  • We know Christmas is a time of good food and good company – by adding some of these tips to your day this will hopefully balance some of the Christmas indulgence plus you won’t see as many additional kilos added to your waist line! 








Don't forget to have a look at Caroyn's Sugar Free Baking cookbook - so many recipes for any time of the year!

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