The Travelling Toothbrush - Sugar Free 'PUR Chewing Gum' with Xylitol

Regular oral hygiene is a vital prerequisite for preventing caries.

A clean tooth doesn't get sick. However it is not always possible to clean your teeth after every meal. Sugar free 'PUR Chewing Gum' with xylitol can help with oral hygiene. Xylitol is 100% all natural and is used to sweeten chewing gum as it is beneifcal to your oral health.

Chewing gum stimulates saliva secretion and rinses away food particles sticking to the surface of the teeth. Xylitol increases saliva flow and alkalinity, which helps neutralise the acid and cuts off 'acid attack'.  Xylitol also strengthens tooth enamel and repairs small emerging cavities. 

Remineralisation :     The remineralising effect of saliva is due to calcium and phosphate ions. These are also the most important constituents of tooth enamel.   When children's teeth first emerge, minerals in the saliva are diffused into their outer layers of enamel. This helps the enamel to mature, making it more resistant to caries than immature enamel.

Throughout our lives, saliva continues to remineralise incipient caries. This remineralisation process is an important natural mechanism, taking place several times a day. As long as demineralisation and remineralisation balance one another, no caries can form.

Sugar free chewing gum:     Regular removal of plaque, use of fluorides and stimulation of saliva secretion all support the remineralisation process.  Chewing sugar free gum, sweetened with xylitol, especially right after meals, promotes healthy teeth. 

When are the greatest benefits from sugar free chewing gum achieved?

  1. After meals, when there is no opportunity to clean your teeth, chewing sugar free gum, the 'travelling toothbrush', helps to maintain good dental hygiene.
  2. After repeated consumption of acidic foods and beverages, such as yoghurt, fruit or fruit juice, tooth enamel can be eroded by the acid and brushing your teeth immediately afterwards is a mistake. The enamel is now very soft and can be easily damaged. Instead of cleaning your teeth at this time, chew sugar free 'PUR Chewing Gum' sweetened with xylitol . Xylitol increases saliva flow and alkalinity, which helps neutralise the acid and cuts off “acid attack”. Xylitol strengthens tooth enamel and repairs small emerging cavities. 
  3. Many drugs reduce saliva flow.  This can increase the risk of caries.  Patients taking these medications can chew sugar free gum after every meal and when they do not have the opportunity to brush their teeth immediately afterwards.

Five minutes is all it takes to receive oral health benefits of chewing sugar free gum. The human chewing apparatus is not designed for 'marathon chewing'.


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