This trifle is wonderful for Boxing Day as the Orange Tea Cake can be baked three days ahead and kept in the refrigerator. Use a portion of the cake for the trifle and keep the remainder for unexpected guests. The Orange Cake is healthy and nutritious, the Fruit Tea Jelly is using natural ingredients and it's sugar free. Perfect for everyone.

Makes 6



Coarsely crumble or cube the cake and place a bowl.  Add orange juice or sherry and soak for 5 minutes.  If using strawberries, rinse, hull and quarter.  Dice the jelly.  Use an electric beater to beat the cream in a bowl until soft peaks form.


Fill 6 x 125 ml serving glasses or bowls with alternating layers of the cake mixture, diced jelly, berries and whipped cream, finishing with whipped cream and berries.

Cover the trifles with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours to chill and develop flavours.

VARIATION: Substitute the whipped cream with natural yoghurt, fresh ricotta or mascarpone sweetened with xylitol.


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