Sugar Free Marshmallows

This recipe is another old favourite of mine that I can now indulge in knowing that it is not loaded with sugar. The marshmallow is light and springy and a delicious treat by itself. We've used it in our Australia Day eBook to decorate our Koala Cupcakes!


125ml cold water

40g powdered gelatine

250ml water

200g Perfect Sweet™ xylitol

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

30ml lime juice



Place cold water in a clean bowl, sprinkle over gelatine and whisk to dissolve.

Place 250ml water and xylitol in a medium saucepan and heat until dissolved. Add the gelatine mixture and stir to combine. Gently boil for 15 minutes. Set aside to cool.

Mix the vanilla extract with the lime juice in a clean large bowl. Add the cooled gelatine mixture and use an electric beater to whisk on high speed for 5 minutes or until light and fluffy.

Pour marshmallow mixture into a lined 18cm square cake pan. Set in the fridge and when ready, cut into circles with a wet round cutter.