Sugar Free Diet

So you’ve decided to make the switch to a sugar free diet? Or making you’re just thinking about cutting out a few items?

Whichever it is – congratulations! You’ve made the important first step. The no sugar diet can be challenging, but planning ahead will definitely help you through the psychological hurdles.

The important thing to realise is that your body wants a sugar free diet. When you feel cravings, those are only psychological hangovers rather than physical necessities. Unfortunately, all of us are naturally addicted to sugar despite how bad it is for us. Weaning ourselves off it and onto a no sugar diet can be a process similar to an alcoholic undertaking a dependency program.

Due to the amount of processed food we eat today, and the composition of that processed food (and most cooking), the average sugar consumption for an Australian adult is over 27 teaspoons a day, although this is rapidly dropping as health awareness becomes more common. Much of this is natural sugars from produce like fruit and dairy, but a very significant quantity is unnecessary and unhealthy sucrose from processed cane sugar.

We encourage you to use our diet plan, recipes, advice and articles to help you plan and live your sugar free diet. A no sugar diet can be a lifestyle instead of a temporary fad, and with the help of SweetLife xylitol products you don’t have to give up your tasty treats and sweet fixes.

Welcome to the first day of your healthy new lifestyle!

Helpful Hints For A Sugarfree Diet