Sugar Free Diet

So you’ve decided to make the switch to a sugar free diet? Or you’re just thinking about cutting out a few items? Whichever it is – congratulations! You’ve made the important first step. Making the transition to a no sugar diet can be challenging, but planning ahead will definitely help you through any hurdles.

The important thing to realise is that your body wants a sugar free diet. When we have cravings, we have the urge to binge on sugar-loaded foods because all of us are naturally addicted to sugar, despite how bad it is for us. Weaning ourselves off it and onto a no sugar diet can be a challenging process, more so for others.

Maintaining a sugar free diet has numerous benefits that extend far beyond than the overarching theme that it’s healthy. Consuming large amounts of sugar can lead to complications of diabetes, so it’s important that a sugar free diet is combined with a diabetic diet for a healthier and complication-free lifestyle.

To make the transition to a sugar free diet as easy as possible, we encourage you to use our helpful hints, recipes, advice and articles to help you plan and live a sugar free diet life. Simple start replacing everyday sugar with sugar free Perfect Sweet xylitol, naturally a better way to satisfy your sweet tooth. It looks and tastes like sugar but with fewer calories and carbs and only a GI of 7 (everyday sugar is 65). For more information visit our Xylitol information page.

A no sugar diet can be a lifestyle instead of a temporary fad, and with the help of SweetLife’s® xylitol products, you don’t have to give up your tasty treats and sweet fixes.