Sugar Free Cooking

Although it may seem unthinkable to some old-school bakers, sugar free cooking is not only possible – it’s also delicious. Many people find food less appealing when they hear that something is “sugar free,” with instant thoughts of how it’s not going to taste as good as something containing large amounts of sugar. With xylitol, there’s no difference in taste, so you’ll be the only one to know that the food doesn’t actually contain any sugar.

Sugar free cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or involve spending hours slaving away in the kitchen. No sugar cooking using SweetLife’s® Perfect Sweet® Xylitol is easy and works in similar way to everyday sugar. Therefore, substituting sugar with xylitol is easy and there’s no reason why it can’t be done. Ideal for baking and in other recipes, sugar free cooking with xylitol can be used in everything from hot and cold drinks to baked goods, roasts, marinades, or any other recipe in which sugar is used.

For more on no sugar cooking, check out our recipe section for handy tips and quick and easy, delicious recipes, or browse our products for Perfect Sweet® Xylitol, bake mixes and more.


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