Helpful Hints For A Sugar Free Diet Plan

Crafting a sugar free diet plan is a very individual process. Every person has lifestyle preferences and food likes and dislikes that make each sugar free diet plan different. However, what we can do today is provide some helpful hints that can be used towards making your own plan.

Some of the most important foods to cut out when preparing a sugar free diet plan are:

  • Soft drinks
  • Cordial and fruit drinks
  • Cakes and sweet baked goods
  • Confectionaries, such as chocolate and lollies

Just by removing these items from your diet, you can cut sugar consumption drastically. However, any food or drink made with Perfect Sweet® xylitol contains no sugar, so there is no need to remove them from your sugar free diet plan.

Cutting down or removing food containing sugars has never been more important than for those with pre-diabetes or diabetes. A diabetes diet plan should ideally be low in sugar or sugar free, so there are no major changes in blood glucose levels.

Planning and maintaining a sugar free diet is easy with our helpful hints and xylitol-based products. By using a natural sugar free sweetener like Perfect Sweet® xylitol, you won’t even notice that it doesn’t contain everyday sugar. 


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