Sugar Free Recipes

Let’s be honest – very few of us want to give up our sweet treats and I don't believe the answer to a sweet tooth is depriving yourself of the cakes, cookies and desserts you love.

With my delicious sugar free recipe alternatives, you can " have your cake and eat it too  ".  I have ditched sugar and the hidden sugars  from my favourite recipes, so you too can make the transformation to amazing sugar free baking and a healthier lifestyle.

I use natural, plant based, sugar free Perfect Sweet® xylitol in my recipes.  It looks and tastes just like sugar, has no bitter aftertaste and helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which in turn helps to reduce sugar cravings. Promotes healthy intestinal flora and promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Our honestly sugar free recipes are keto and diabetic firendly.  Forget the niggling guilty thoughts associated with eating sweets, you too can have a life that enjoys good health and well being without sacrificing the sweet things that you love.