Biscuits and Slices

With SweetLife®, it is now more possible than ever to have a healthy lifestyle, yet still enjoy all the sweet biscuits and slices you love – and that’s because of our sugar free biscuit and slice recipes. Many of these are also gluten free biscuit recipes!

Perfect for those watching their sugar intake, our sugar free biscuit and slice recipes are deliciously tasty and healthy. If you browse our recipes now, you’ll find that all of them reference Perfect Sweet® xylitol, whenever you need to use sugar. Perfect Sweet® xylitol looks and tastes just like sugar, but doesn’t come with any of the harmful side effects (tooth decay, increased blood glucose/insulin levels and more). Xylitol is naturally derived from plants and as such, is a perfectly healthy addition to your recipes today.

Your guests won’t even notice the difference in taste with our sugar free biscuit and slice recipes. Why don’t you give them a try today and let us know how you go?