The concept of a sugar free cake or muffin has enthralled bakers, patissiers and home cooks for as long as baked goods have been around. But very often, sugar free cake and muffin recipes tend to rely on artificial sweeteners; sweeteners that do more harm than good. Sometimes, natural alternatives like honey or fruit products are substituted, however these still raise blood sugar levels and are usually very high in calories.

This is where SweetLife® comes in. With our sugar free cake and muffin recipes, you’ll be able to prove to your guests that a cake/muffin made without any of these harmful ingredients is just as tasty, if not more. We use Perfect Sweet® xylitol as a replacement for sugar as it is a healthy and natural option. This means that our recipes can also be used as diabetic friendly cake recipes! Xylitol looks and tastes just like sugar, but it doesn’t cause any of the common nasty side effects (bloating, Type 2 Diabetes, tooth decay and more) derived from sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Browse our sugar free cake and muffin recipes now! There are so many delicious recipes for you to try.

Mini Trifles

Lemon Cake

Nanna's Boiled Fruit Cake

Banana Bread

Perfect Scones

Halloween Cat Cake

Christmas Fruit Cake

Orange Tea Cake Muffins

Chocolate Hearts

Iced Vo-Vo Cupcakes

  • Weight Loss

    Most of us want to lose weight and get healthier at some point in our lives. SweetLife products make it much easier for you to whittle down your waistline because we only sweeten with xylitol.  Our natural sweetener Perfect Sweet xylitol has approximately 75% less carbohydrates and 40% less calories than sugar.

  • Healthy Living

    Perfect Sweet xylitol is a natural sugar free alternative for anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and feel good every day. It is one of the best presents Mother Nature can give our bodies and can be used in place of sugar, hidden sugars and artificial sweeteners.

  • Diabetes 

    Perfect Sweet xylitol has a negligible effect on blood sugar levels and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. The natural sweetener has a glycaemic index of just 7, compared to sugar which has a glycaemic index of 65.

  • Gluten Intolerant

    Don’t worry if you follow a gluten-free diet and still want to enjoy cakes, desserts, chewing gum and sweets. Just because you have a sensitivity to gluten doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

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