For most of us, the core concept of a dessert is its sweet flavour – and this typically means sugar! Unfortunately, having sugar-laden desserts all the time is never a good idea because it can lead to obesity, tooth decay, Type 2 Diabetes and many more severe health complications. However, this is easily corrected with SweetLife’s sugar free, dessert recipes – these are just as delicious as the originals with none of the harmful health effects. The recipes can also be used as diabetic dessert recipes because there is no everyday sugar in them!

Sugar free and gluten free desserts have been around for thousands of years; leavened bread with honey and goats’ cheese was in fact, the original cheesecake! But these days, sugar free and gluten free recipes for desserts have become infinitely more sophisticated, with replacement natural sweeteners like xylitol able to handle complex interactions and baking processes.

Our no added sugar dessert recipes are carefully selected from the most popular traditional desserts and classics. We have health-conscious light dessert recipes, luxurious and decadent indulgent recipes, as well as other exciting contemporary dessert recipes that embrace the sugar free lifestyle. Browse our range for some great recipes and handy hints.