Sugar Free Kitchen™

Source of Protein - All Natural - Low Carb - Easy to Bake

Our healthy Double Choc and Golden Oats cookie mixes allow you to indulge in a sweet treat, without the guilt, helps control sugar cravings and leaves you delciously satisfied. 

 Perfect if you are weight and health conscious.

Sugar is often the first item on the ingredients list of cookie mixes and bakery items, making it the most used ingredient in the product.  Our Cookie Mixes are 97% sugar free, they use a blend of natural sugar free sweeteners that have a minimal effect on blood sugar levels.

Eat as they are or drizzle with melted sugar free chocolate or sandwich together with your favourite sugar free filling.          
* 97% Sugar Free
* Low Carb
* Low GI
* Source of Protein
* All Natural ingredients   

Proudly made in Australia by an Australian family owned company.