Wondering how xylitol can be used for diabetics? Read on…

Xylitol is a fantastic sugar alternative for people with Type 2 Diabetes, where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or the insulin it does produce, doesn’t work as well as it should. SweetLife’s® xylitol products can help manage diabetics’ blood sugar levels, as it is a natural sweetener absorbed much more slowly than sugar. It also doesn’t contribute to high blood sugar levels. There’s no insulin spike because the blood sugar levels are stabilised. This is good news because raised sugar levels put a strain on the body’s systems and lead to countless health problems.

As a 100% natural sweetener, xylitol is perfect for diabetics. It metabolizes without insulin and as such, only has a glycemic index of 7. Now compare that to sugar, which has a glycemic index of 65.

Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise globally because of our diet and lifestyle choices and because of cravings for refined carbs and sugar, prevention or keeping the disease at bay has meant that many people have turned to various artificial sweeteners to get their sweet fix. However, apart from the bitter after taste these artificial sweeteners have, there are very serious concerns about the long-term health consequences of these lab made sugar alternatives.

Such are the health benefits of xylitol, that for decades it has been the sweetener of choice in numerous countries including Switzerland, Russia and Japan. By using SweetLife’s® 100% natural xylitol products, people with Type 2 Diabetes and other diseases affiliated with excess sugar intakes, can finally eat the sweet things they crave with little effect on their insulin levels. Our products are a delicious and safe alternative.

We are proud to be Australia’s original #1 xylitol company where we are making a big difference to those with Type 2 Diabetes. In 2002, we became the first to sell xylitol products and continue to be the leading family-run company doing so to this day. We are fully committed to making a difference to your health with our xylitol products.

Before using products with xylitol for diabetics, it’s important to consult your healthcare professionals first to discuss its many advantages.

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