Perfect Sweet® xylitol

Perfect Sweet® is a natural, plant based sugar free sweetener that is actually good for you. Unlike refined sugar, Perfect Sweet® xylitol helps stabilize blood sugar levels, promotes good intestinal flora and healthy teeth and gums.

Benefits of xylitol:

  • Sugar free, gluten free, aspartame free, GMO free.

  • 100% natural 

  • Looks and tastes like sugar 

  • A glycaemic index of 7

  • No bitter after taste

  • No artificial ingredients

  • Less calories and carbs than sugar

  • Gluten free

  • GMO free

Perfectly Natural

Perfect Sweet® xylitol is a plant based sweetener. Extracted from plants such as birch tree and corncobs, so it’s 100% naturally occurring. It is also produced naturally in our bodies in small amounts. If you’re looking for the best xylitol, you won’t find a higher quality available than Perfect Sweet® xylitol.

Perfect For Taste

Despite it being sugar free, Perfect Sweet® has all the sweetness of sugar. It’s completely free of artificial sweeteners and has absolutely no bitter or unpleasant aftertaste, so it tastes just like sugar.

Perfect For Cooking

Perfect Sweet® xylitol looks and tastes just like sugar, so it’s the perfect healthier alternative. It's perfect in tea, coffee, cereals and in all your favourite recipes that ask for sugar. Heat stable for cooking and baking, Perfect Sweet® xylitol mixes and dissolves just like ordinary refined sugar. When using Perfect Sweet® xylitol in recipes with flour, only half the quantity of xylitol to sugar is required, so it’s perfect for low GI and low carb recipes. For more information on cooking (biscuits, jams, chutneys), please click here.

Perfectly Healthy

Perfect Sweet® has less calories and carbohydrates than sugar, so it helps reduce sugar cravings. This is perfect for people with special food requirements. With its very low Glycaemic Index of 7, Perfect Sweet® is also great for those with diabetes 2, as it has a minor effect on blood sugar (glucose) levels. The xylitol helps stabilise blood sugar and insulin levels and is perfect for keto friendly recipes.

Why Use Perfect Sweet®?

  • Has a Glycaemic Index of 7 (an extremely low rating compared to sugar’s rating of 65), making you feel fuller for longer, have longer lasting energy and less likely to crave sweet foods.

  • Does not need insulin to be metabolized by the body, so it will not cause blood sugar swings.

  • Has less carbohydrates than sugar, so it’s the ideal solution as part of a balanced weight loss diet.

  • In the mouth, it restores the natural pH balance that helps to keep your tooth enamel and gums healthy. In fact by aiding calcium absorption, xylitol helps to build stronger bones and teeth.

  • Promotes the growth of friendly bacteria, leaving your digestion healthier and better able to absorb nutrients.

For more ideas on how to incorporate SweetLife® xylitol products into your daily routine, check out our free recipes and our sugar free diet section online.

Perfect Sweet® is available from Health Food Stores, selected independent supermarkets and pharmacies, plus the SweetLife online store.

To find a store near you, please call the SweetLife Team on 1300 768 783 or email with your suburb and state.