Weight Loss

Want to whittle down your waistline? Reduce the size of your butt? Get thighs you are proud of? One of the first things anyone has to do when on a weight loss plan, is to reduce their sugar intake or quit sugar altogether, right? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or weight loss guru to know that sugar is one of the major culprits to adding the extra unwanted kilos.

Sugar and its negative effects are reported widely in the global media and many often view it as a dangerous product likened to cigarettes, in that it is highly addictive and bad for your health. Many are pointing fingers at sugar as being one of the top causes of the worldwide obesity epidemic. To avoid being part of that statistic, you have to make smart food and ingredient choices.

One small change in your pantry can make a big difference to your life. Are you ready to quit sugar or thinking about it? Want to take action today? Well, you can by ensuring you have the right sugar free natural sweetener, that is, xylitol, to help you on your weight loss journey.

We are proud to be the original and number #1 provider of Australia’s 100% natural sugar free alternative product solutions. We’ve been helping people quit sugar and change their lives since 2002 with our xylitol weight loss products. They help to reduce calories, melt away your waistline and go sugar free, while STILL enjoying the sweet tastes that you crave.

As you know from your own past experience or by watching friends or colleagues struggle to lose weight, a sweet tooth is the downfall of many dieters, but it need not be anymore. You can quit sugar, lose weight and still have sweet treats without all of the guilt.

The equation is simple: consuming more sugar increases the risk of weight gain; consuming less sugar and switching to SweetLife® xylitol products can help towards weight loss. The result is a happier and healthier you. Perfect Sweet® Xylitol is 100% natural and derived from the woody fibres of GMO free corncobs.

Xylitol doesn’t work in the same way as sugar, nor does it have the horrible bitter after taste of other alternative sweeteners. Instead, it’s a lower calorie, totally natural sugar free sweet alternative, slowly absorbed and metabolized by the body, keeping blood sugar levels stable and at the same time, helping to control appetite. Unlike everyday sugar, Perfect Sweet® Xylitol doesn’t inhibit the brain processes that tell us we’ve had enough to eat. In fact, xylitol decreases our sugar cravings and satisfies our appetite. It’s a win/win in the weight loss battle as part of a healthy eating program.

Time to change your life, throw out the bag of sugar and switch to xylitol for a healthier weight loss option. Check out our sugar free products now!

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