Natural Sugar Alternatives

Natural sugar alternatives are used for two main purposes, that is, replacing sugar in cooking and baking, and replacing sugar as a table sweetener. While there are many foods and sweeteners that can do one or the other, xylitol is one of the few that can do both.

Sugars are naturally occurring, and some like fructose (from fruit) and lactose (in milk) are generally fine for human consumption up to a point. In fact, sugar is a necessity for humans (for energy) and our bodies produce and convert quantities of it constantly. However, the vast majority of sugar in today’s diet is processed sugar from sources like cane and beet, usually refined to a degree beyond any useful nutritional value.

Australia has the second highest per capita sugar consumption in the world, and this has contributed to world-beating rates of obesity, tooth decay and Type 2 Diabetes. Healthy sugar alternatives are a desperately needed preventative and weight control aid, and Perfect Sweet Xylitol is one of the best available on cost and nutritional factors. Healthy and natural sugar alternatives from SweetLife are far better for you than processed sugar, with the same taste and flavour satisfaction that our mind and body crave.

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